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Review - The Cat Who Turned On and Off; Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Turned On and Off

Lilian Jackson Braun

Fiction; Mystery


Third in the series.  Qwill is still toiling at the Daily Fluxion, and after disappointment at the last two unglamorous assignments he’s pumped about competing for a prize in the paper’s yearly writing contest


A passing remark from a cabdriver one evening perks his interest in a part of town he knows almost nothing about, so he decides to check it out.  Referred to as “Junktown”, it sounds to Qwill like he’s going to run into the local ghetto, but instead is fascinated when it actually turns out to be a treasure trove of small antique shops.  Changing his place of residence seems to be a habit with Qwill these days, and he takes a room in one of the shops’ owners’ home – packing Koko and Yum Yum along, of course.  When he learns that the previous tenant died under mysterious circumstances and then another Junktown dealer appears to have a freakish accident, the old moustache starts a-twitching.  


Always fun, and I’m really enjoying going through these in order as well as reading these early ones for the first time.


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